ChooseYourFeed and tune in to #MentalHealth conversations on Twitter.

Twitter reflects what’s happening in real time, as people turn to the service to express unique points of view or experiences that bind people together. This year, as the world was faced with an unprecedented crisis, people found solidarity in opening up about questions of mental health.

Twitter is committed to promoting conversations around mental health by encouraging people to use the service to share their experiences while reaching others and this October 10th, #WorldMentalHealthDay is another such opportunity. 

While Twitter continues to work with its mental health partners in India and around the world to foster dialogue about #MentalHeath, product features such as Twitter Lists empower people to customise their ‘feed’ – to be able to discover and recommend accounts that resonate with what matters to them.

A List is a compilation of various Twitter accounts. You can create your custom Lists, or follow Lists created by others. Viewing a List timeline will show you a series of Tweets from only the accounts on that List, making it easier for people to find what interests them. Leveraging this feature, various organisations have come forward on World Mental Health Day to create Lists of credible accounts that people can follow for information and awareness around the topic of mental health. These include:

TLLL Foundation (@TLLLFoundation)

Embeddable Tweet:

White Swan Foundation (@mentalhealthind)

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Fortis Mental Health (@fortis_mhbs)

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Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy (@CMHLPIndia)

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Various accounts on Twitter can be a source of positive support, encouraging people who may be struggling not to self-harm to reach out for professional help. They also contribute towards creating an interconnected space to raise diverse perspectives and resources to confront mental health challenges. 

If you feel like you need to connect with someone about this, know someone who is, or just want to learn more about the subject, you too can #ChooseYourFeed by making use of Twitter Lists, and add accounts that you feel can share meaningful information about this important topic. 

Globally, Twitter has a list of international resources where people can go to find more information and details of relevant organisations within their respective countries, and has activated an emoji to amplify conversations around mental health. The emoji will be live until October 16th and can be generated by using any of the hashtags while Tweeting: #WMHD2020, #WorldMentalHealthDay, #LetsTalk, #MentalHealthForAll, #MentalHealth, #विश्वमानसिकस्वास्थ्यदिवस, #आओबातकरें, #सभीकेलिएमानसिकस्वास्थ्य, #मानसिकस्वास्थ्य.

Each compassionate Tweet brings the global conversation together to raise awareness and normalise the discussion around mental health. Take care of your mental health and encourage others to do so too, by being part of the conversation on Twitter.