GHCL announces Q1 FY22 Results

New Delhi, 29th July 2021:  GHCL, India’s leading Chemical & Textile Company, today announced its financial results for Q1 FY22.

Commenting on the financial performance, Mr. R S Jalan, Managing Director, GHCL said,

 “We have commenced the new fiscal year on an encouraging note with substantial gains across all our business segments. This was possible despite severe disruptions witnessed in Q1 due to localized restrictions and lockdowns on account of the second wave of the pandemic. I am glad that our teams have positively responded to this crisis and ensured business continuity. I would like to extend my gratitude to our entire workforce for their relentless contribution and would like to assure them that the Company will do what is required to protect and support them. 

Our Inorganic chemicals business demonstrated healthy volume growth with positive realizations supported by consistent demand in the key end user categories. We believe this positive trend will continue going forward as demand has been stabilizing and we are also looking to expand our portfolio to add some products to leverage our scale and expertise. 

I am pleased to share that we have received consent from secured creditors for the demerger of textiles, and we will now be approaching the honorable NCLT for their approval. In the textile business, we witnessed initial temporary disruption due to the second wave of COVID, however this has now been normalized and we are operating at peak utilisation levels in both spinning and home textiles based on strong demand scenario and have achieved record profits during the quarter.

Overall, our endeavor is to further amplify our leadership position across key product categories to bolster the performance momentum and create enhanced value for our stakeholders.”

Q1 FY22 VS Q4 FY21 

  • Revenue grown on sequential basis, Revenue for Quarter stood at Rs. 854 Crores as compared to Rs. 821 crores in the Q4 FY21 (4% growth) and Rs. 440 crores in the same quarter last year (94% growth).  
  • Robust EBIDTA Margins of 22.1%, EBITDA for the Quarter stood at Rs. 189 Crores as compared to Rs. 195 crores in the Q4 FY21 and Rs 84 crores in same quarter last year. 
  • Net Profit margins at 12%, Net Profit for the quarter stood at Rs. 101 Crores as against Rs. 104 crores in the Q4 FY21 and Rs. 17 crores in same quarter last fiscal. 

Business Segments (Q1FY22 VS Q4FY21)

  • Inorganics Chemicals division’s revenue is Rs. 527 Crores in Q1 FY22 as compared to Rs. 531 crores in the Q4 FY21 and Rs 346 crores in corresponding quarter in FY21. 
  • Home Textiles business revenue is at Rs. 327 Crores in Q1FY22 as compared to Rs. 290 crores in the Q4 FY21 and Rs 94 crores in corresponding quarter in FY21. 


GHCL Limited has established itself as a well-diversified group with an ascertained footprint in chemicals, textiles and consumer products segment. In chemicals, the company mainly manufactures Soda Ash (Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate) that is a major raw material for detergents & glass industries and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). Its textiles operation is an integrated set up, which commences right from spinning of fiber (yarn), weaving, dyeing, printing of the finished products, like sheets & duvets, primarily exported worldwide. Consumer Products operation is another business for GHCL where it is manufacturing and selling edible salt, industrial grade salt and markets jujube honey, spices and blended spices in the country under the brand name of i-Flo.

At GHCL Ltd, sustainability is a core element of our business strategy as defined under the aegis of ‘GHCL Way’ with its four pillars i.e. Responsible Stewardship, Social Inclusiveness, Promoting Relationship and Adding Value.  We are committed to working closely with our stakeholders at our various plant locations for promoting the agenda of sustainability underpin on GHCL Ltd core values of Respect, Trust, Ownership and Integrated Teamwork. 

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