Discovery Plus gears for a Mega-October; Drops 34 new shows on the streaming platform

Two new genres and interesting new BBC shows to be added, including Planet Earth series, Icons, Top Gear among others

Mumbai, October 6, 2020: Discovery Plus, India’s first aggregated real-life entertainment streaming app, offers thousands of hours of exclusive content across 40+ genres including Science, Adventure, Military, Survival, Food and Lifestyle. The fastest growing streaming platform is all set to enter the month of October with 34 new titles, across a variety of genres, while also adding breadth to the interest categories currently available on the app. Discovery Plus will introduce two new categories, History and Nature, which include content ranging from war, biopics, civilizations, natural history, medical sciences and more.


·       Icons:

The 8-part Discovery Plus exclusive BBC series celebrates the achievements of some of the greatest figures of the 20th century. Seven well-known faces will each front an hour-long documentary arguing the case for four people, from a different field of human excellence, including leaders, explorers, activists, scientists, entertainers, sports stars and artists & writers including Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Ernest Shackleton and Charlie Chaplin among many others.

·       Planet Earth I & II:

Sir David Attenborough celebrates the amazing variety of the natural world in this epic documentary series, filmed over four years across 64 different countries. Experience the world from the viewpoint of animals themselves. From spellbinding wildlife spectacle to intimate encounters, Planet Earth takes you closer than ever before.

·       Blue Planet I & II:

Sir David Attenborough narrates a natural history of the oceans in this nature documentary series. From the intense heat of the tropics to our planet’s frozen poles, through to its unexplored depths, Blue Planet reveals new worlds and extraordinary never-seen-before animal behaviours.

·       Top Gear

‘Top Gear’ presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May embark on more exciting challenges as they test the latest, coolest, fastest cars on the market in a brand-new series of the world’s biggest and most explosive car show. Join the boys as they head to Italy for a supercar shootout and try their hand at choreographing a movie car chase.

·       The Ganges with Sue Perkins:

Sue Perkins undertakes an epic, personal journey to the source of India’s Ganges River in the Himalayas, meeting hermits and holy men to understand the sacred nature of this river. The series also showcases Sue Perkins on a rather interesting tour of the Patanjali facility with Baba Ramdev.

·       Joanna Lumley’s India:

Visit some of the most picturesque places of India through the eyes of the British actress Joanna Lumley as she returns to the country of her birth, India, for a deeply personal Journey. She witnesses religious ceremonies in glorious temples, travels to the Himalayas, meets Dalai Lama and explores Rajasthan, Delhi and her birthplace Kashmir in ‘Joanna Lumley’s India’.

·       The Birth of Empire – The East India Company:

Dan Snow travels through India in the footsteps of the company that revolutionized the British lifestyle and laid the foundations of today’s global trading systems.

·       The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler:

At the heart of the story of Adolf Hitler is one gigantic, mysterious question: how was it possible that a character as strange and personally inadequate as Hitler ever gained power in a sophisticated country at the heart of Europe, and was then loved by millions of people? The series answers just that.

·       Ancient Worlds:

Archaeologist and historian Richard Miles traces the development of Western civilization, from the first cities in Mesopotamia to the fall of the Roman Empire. In this six-part series, Miles travels through the Middle East, Egypt, Pakistan and the Mediterranean to discover how the challenges of society were dealt with and fought over in order to maintain a functioning civilization

·       Seven Ages of Starlight:

The show tells the story of the stars, from red giants and supernovae to black holes, and how discovering their tale has transformed our own understanding of the universe.

About Discovery India:

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