ABP Majha leads the YouTube chart on Counting Day Record 162K concurrent registered users

Mumbai, October 30, 2019: India’s leading Marathi News Channel, ABP Majha, claimed a digital landmark today by attaining approx. 162K concurrent users on Youtube channel on 24th October, 2019, the counting day of State Assembly Elections.

Amidst the election frenzy, ABP Majha managed to surpass all its competitors such as News18 Lokmat and Zee 24 Taas.

ABP Majha is one of the most viewed Marathi channels, which reaches out to the entire region of Maharashtra. Kaul Marathi Manacha, ABP Majha’s flagship election property, gives a platform to the views and thoughts of a common man through innovative campaigns and drives across Maharashtra.

Keeping the dynamic digital landscape in mind, ABP has further expanded Majha into the digital sphere through its YouTube channel and is already leading in the segment. With real-time election updates, public issues, trends and results, the channel aims to ensure that the viewers don’t miss out any of the political happenings.

Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP News Network said, “Our ever-increasing viewership-base is the foundation of our YouTube channel. These numbers are a true testament to the unmatched value offered by ABP Majha. Credibility and objectivity has always been the core of all our channels and we will continue to maintain the same in the future.”
About ABP Majha Maharashtra:
ABP Majha is a platform that deliberates on the fundamentally pertinent issues that are of significance to the common man. It provides an opportunity to both the government and the opposition to debate on the challenges and the way

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