Galaxy Surfactants harvests 60 Million liters of water under its ‘Vatavaran Suraksha & Samajeek Utthaan’ CSR project

Advasi tribes of Kelichapada and Rajewadi in Palghar District get new lease of life through new water management structures

Mumbai, September 19th 2019: Galaxy Surfactants Ltd one of the leading specialty chemical companies in India has given a new lease of life to the Adivasi tribes residing in Palghar District of Maharashtra. Galaxy Surfactants under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program “Vatavaran Suraksha & Samajeek Utthaan”, helped in the reconstruction and desilting of check-dam in Kelichapada, Jawhar of Palghar District and also in the rejuvenation of wells at Rajewadi village of the same district. Due to the lack of water storage facilities, villagers from Jawahar were deprived of basic amenities like proper drinking water which forced them to migrate. These initiatives will now help the residents to get water for drinking as well as for farming and household usage.

One of the core objectives of Galaxy Surfactants Limited is to become a water positive company. This objective is being achieved through water conservation projects in their day to day operations and also their CSR activities.

Mr. U Shekhar said, “At Galaxy, we consider water management as a subject of high priority. We rigorously map the water consumption at our various units globally and consciously aim towards reducing the usage of the same. Our key initiatives and projects on water conservation are driven by focused cross-functional efforts to reduce the overall water consumption and to make our operations more water-efficient. Hence Galaxy has been successful in bringing about a positive change in the society and environment.”

Last year, the Galaxy Team had inaugurated a check dam in Kharonda village which transformed the lives of 530 families and over 2500 people.

Recently, Galaxy Surfactants also helped flood-affected people of Kolhapur and Sangli. As part of its ‘Aapda Rahat’ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program, Galaxy Surfactants Limited (Galaxy) extended flood-relief aid to 1,000 families in the districts of Sangli in the form of Food Items and Household and Hygiene Items.

Under their CSR Project “VATAVARAN SURAKSHA”, Galaxy has undertaken various water harvesting & restoration initiatives for the benefit of the community at large. They have been working towards reducing their water footprint through projects involving innovative practices like recharging of bore wells, construction of KFP structures & restoration of lakes.

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