Mahurat of Vijeta;new Marathi film.

Mahurat of “Vijeta” new Marathi film done by Showman Shubhash Ghai

After the success of 3 Marathi films Sanai Choughade , Valu, Samhita (National Award Winner) . Showman Subhash Ghai & Mukta Arts ltd have done the mahurat of they new Marathi film ” VIJETA” toarathiday in presence of entire cast and crew. Subhash ji gave the mahurat clap congratulating & giving good wishes to the team .The poster was unveiled at Goa Marathi FILM festival 2019 and it had given a hint of a sport background movie. It became the most anticipated movie which is due for release on Jan 24,2020

Starring – Subodh Bhave
Pooja Sawant
Sushant Shelar
Madhav Deocchake
Manasi Kulkarni
Tanvie Kishore
Devendra Choughule
Krutika Tulaskar
Dipti Dhotre
Pritam kagne
Gaurish Shipurkar
Lalit Sawant

The film is written & Directed by Amol Shetge , Produced by Rahul Puri, Co Produced by Suresh Pai,

DOP Uday Singh Mohite, Music by Rohan Rohan , Editor Ashish Mhahtre ,  Production Designed by Sunil Nigvekar, Publicity Design by Saket Shrikant

PRO Pradnya Shetty & Prem Jhangiani , Asst  Director Mahesh Pavaskar

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