• A Mahendran, a pioneer in the household insecticide market, is set to capture a healthy market share led by innovation in this category
  • Introduces path breaking innovations in terms of product performance and product design
  • Latest molecule in the country to combat evolving dengue and malaria mosquitoes
  • Riding the prevention wave, the new formula and product innovation is 5 times more effective than other products in the market


The household insecticide market in India is pegged at Rs. 4500 crore which is both underpenetrated and has much lower per capita consumption compared to any developed market. The Indian market is estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 7%.

Mumbai, 15th December, 2016: Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd., one of the fastest growing FMCG companies in India today announced its foray into the mosquito repellent category under the flagship brand of ‘DND’- DO NOT DISTURB. Helmed by Mr. A. Mahendran, the creator of this category in India, DND promises some world class path breaking innovations. As the fourth product category from the company, DND products are designed to provide effective prevention against entry of mosquitos as a proactive solution rather than a conventional protection approach.

Announcing this launch, Mr. A. Mahendran, MD & CEO of Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. said, “We believed that there is a need for a solution which not only knocks down the mosquitoes but also prevents them from entering the house. We have introduced breakthrough innovations such as the Turbo Fan Technology which spreads the active faster and farther, addressing the long felt need of Indian consumers. Another revolutionary product is the Transfluthrin based Nanosol when sprayed, the active stays in the air longer and provides dusk to dawn prevention from mosquitoes.”

He further added, “The tropical climate in India forms a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquito borne diseases are on the rise with most virulent strains causing Zika and Chikungunya. These outbreaks led us to research and come up with solutions, which could help tackle these problems proactively. Better awareness levels and improving incomes are driving consumers in Tier I & Tier II cities to seek effective ways to prevent their families from mosquito borne diseases.”

DND is launched in the product variants of Liquid Vaporizers, Coils & Nanosols. For the first time in the category, DND Turblo Liquid Vaporizer has a Turbo Fan Technology. This technology helps in quicker dispersion of the active in the air, thus making it 5 times more effective and creating a 360 degree preventive shield.

Introduced for the first time in India, the DND Aeromax Coil Diffuser is a revolutionary product in the coil category. The Turbo Fan Action has the power to not only spread active faster but also covers more area thereby creating a shield which prevents the mosquitoes from entering the room. DND Aeromax Coils are made with 98% natural ingredients. It also has a rechargeable battery which aids in anytime and anywhere prevention from mosquitoes.

DND Nanosol Flying Insect Killer gives you an instant action and overnight cover that lasts from dusk to dawn. It has the power of 5 ordinary cans and one needs only 4 shots a room for 12 hr prevention. Nanosol is the quickest and the most long lasting effective product ever launched in India.

DND will have a total of 5 SKU’s. The products are priced as below:

  • DND Turblo Liquid Vaporizer & Liquid Refill at INR 150 & INR 78
  • DND Aeromax Coil Diffuser & Coils at INR 249 & INR 38
  • DND Nanosol Flying Insect Killer at INR 199

Mr. Punyabrata Dashsharma, Senior Manager, Marketing, Global Consumer Products said, “DND is not just a product but a tangible solutions in household insecticide category, particularly mosquitoes.” On the overall marketing strategy, he informed, “The product’s pan-India roll out has begun and the TVC is on air. We will unleash a 360-degree marketing campaign which would include TV, Print and Digital.”

Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated by Mr. A Mahendran in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mitsui. It was born out of an idea to be one-of-a-kind start-up where entrepreneurial ambitions of various stakeholders could be nurtured and given a platform to shine. The company, which was incepted in 2013, has had a bevy of fast launches in close succession. Global CP has already marked its presence into chocolate and confectionary market with their brand LuvIt and also in the beverages segment with fruit juices under the brand name CheriO. Also, Global has Ved Rasaa which is an ayurvedic personal care brand that uses authentic ayurvedic recipes.

The company is looking to build a strong portfolio of consumer brands on the back of innovation, secular growth trends driven by increased consumption spending in India. Global CP is building its own sales and distribution network and will create strong consumer franchise by disruptive product offering and brand building. Referred to as a “synthetic start-up”, Global CP combines entrepreneurial zeal with global strategic, financial and technological expertise of various stakeholders and partners. Global CP sees itself as an eclectic mix of three E’s – Experience, Exuberance and Entrepreneurship – with adequate capital to gain marketplace success.

By Lalit Wadhwani

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