2nd November 2016; Mumbai: In the world of an evolving e-commerce market and innovative shopping options already available in India, a soon to be launched technology start-up has taken a step ahead., a Mumbai based start-up in a conversation revealed details about their online-to-offline shopping platform. Positioned as an omni-channel shopping platform accurately targets high-value shoppers with individualized and location-based catalogs, offers and deals. In the initial stages the app will be focusing on making the best of the fashion and lifestyle products available for its users from their nearby stores. is set to make shopping a hassle free experience for shoppers in Mumbai. Once a user signs up on the app, it starts tracking the shopping preferences of an individual accurately and sends an alert when the product of their choice is at a nearby location. The app is aggressively partnering with brands and retailers across the city to be listed on

To accurately target the users and make it a pleasant personalized experience, the company is making use of the beacon technology. The beacon technology has been around for the past few years after few big brands introduced this new way of connecting with consumers. When a Pincarts user approaches or leaves a location, the technology can detect exactly where the shopper is and notifies the retailer. Based on the pre-tracked shopping habits and preferences of the shopper, the app then sends individualized notifications and attracts the user to enter the store. Accurate tracking and data helps the retailer to create an attractive in-store experience for its consumers. Pincarts ability to push messages to customers without them having to do anything at all will be a huge advantage for retailers and brands who want to engage with customers in a more personalized way because it makes the engagement completely effortless for the shoppers.


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